Hotel Castle

Lass Dich verzaubern


A gentle or strong ayurvedic full body massage with you personally matched warm oil Working reassuringly, cleaning and detoxifying

60 Min. 100.-

90 Min. 130.-



Ayurvedic face,head and neck-massage

Working stimulating and vitalizing

40 Min. 60.-

60 Min. 90.-



Ayurvedic forehead-treatment  including neck massage.

Warm oil is applying over your forehead

represents a peace and de-stressing programme for body, mind and spirit

60 Min. 120.-


Abhyanga- Shirodara

Ayurvedic full body massage including forehead treatment

90 Min. 150.-



Ayurvedic feet massage including calf

It generates well being and has a relaxing effect, it calms you down

40 Min 60.-



Ayurvedic back massage

It effectively relaxes the muscles in the whole back and

relieves blockades

40 Min. 60.-

60 Min. 100.-


Karna purana (ear-treatment)

Warm oil is being applicated dropwise and gently in your ears and after you will get a ear/ head massage

It relieves stress and tension

40 Min. 60.-


Intuitive Massage

With theintuition of my hands and heart, mental and physical blockades will become solved

60 Min. 90.-

90 Min. 130.-


Hand-healing with energy/ light work

60 Min. 90.-




I will accompany you, for your Self-healing processes, on a journey to your inner self

 60 Min. 100.-


The Klassiker

individually upon arrangement treatments (head, face, stomach, back, hands, legs, feet)

40 Min. 60.-

60 Min. 90.-

90 Min. 130.-